Friday, April 24, 2015

Update Apr 24th am

Yesterday was pretty bad, especially earlier in the day.  Fever,nausea and hacking up fluid are the main issues that are making him miserable.

He started improving a little towards evening.  I got a little burst of energy around dinnertime and decided to go trim bushes.  It felt good to have control over SOMETHING.  Rudy sat on the porch and talked to me while I trimmed.  That was the happiest he'd looked all day.  Sitting outside was a real treat and I think I'm going to make a point of trying to get him outside a little more.  

Our bushes looked much better after their trim.
These may or may not be our actual bushes.
He had an Ensure earlier in the day, but he didn't have any chewable food til around midnight after I'd gone to bed.   Then, he ate 1 cinnamon roll.  He said he struggled to get it down.  I woke up around 2 and he was still up, but dozing a little.  We sat around for a little while and talked.  He seemed improved.  He went to bed around 3.  I'm not concerned about his sleep.  He slept a good bit yesterday during the day.

I putzed around the house and took advantage of the time to work in the kitchen.  When he's up and feeling nauseous, it's torture to him for me to bang around in the kitchen.  It's hard to find things to do in the kitchen that doesn't make noise.  Open style kitchens are great for parties, but terrible for our circumstances. 

After getting some things done in the kitchen, I sat and read for a little while hoping to get sleepy.  I did and was able to go back to bed and slept well. I got up around 9 and Rudy was sitting up in his chair.  He said he'd gotten up around 8:30.  He'd had a decent night.  He was feeling a little queasy, but that's not unusual for him these days. Now, he's back asleep in his chair.

I haven't had enough time to see how he's doing today,  He didn't have a trashcan in front of him, so that's good.  His face doesn't look pinched as he's sleeping, so that's good.  He sounded halfway cheerful when we talked, and that's great.

I told him yesterday that if he still wasn't eating today, I wanted to call CTCA, but he's not in favor of that.  I hate that this is Friday and our chance to have the input of Dr. Thompson's team is limited to today.  Of course we can go to CTCA anytime, but if it's the weekend, we wouldn't see his people.  

In a way, I see Rudy's point.  He said "What could they do?"  I don't know what would be done for not eating.  The appetite pills don't help.  There are tubes that can be inserted for draining fluid off your lungs or stomach, but I sure hope he doesn't have to go through that.

I sure hope today is better.  I hope he nibbles more through the day.  I hope he'll branch out from cinnamon rolls.  As long as I'm hoping, I hope today is the day a cure for both cancer and Hepatitis is announced.