Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Husband Doesn't Trust Me

I made smoothies today.  Since I include a little of this and a little of that, they never turn out the same, even when I use the same ingredients.  Rudy would prefer a more consistent method.  He would also prefer that I use the exact same ingredients day after day, even though I have told him over and over that the ingredients are SUPPOSED to be different each day.  And for some reason, he thinks I try to sneak in extra healthy things (Like that's a bad thing???).   When it comes to making smoothies, he just doesn't trust me.

Our smoothie conversation today went something like this -

R:  I don't want you to add anything extra.  Just make a regular smoothie... the kind I like... with ONLY the things I like.


I whip up a masterpiece and take it to him.

R:  What's in this one?

D: Spinach, mixed fruit, protein powder.

R:  You didn't add anything else right?

D: No.

R:  What's this?  (points to a bubble in the glass)  Is this something you added?

D: No.  It's a bubble.

R:  I hope you didn't add anything.

D:  OMG.  Do you think I'm trying to poison you or something?

R:  (He smiles, but still looks suspicious.)

D: Taste it.  (He does.)  It's good isn't it?

R: Yes.  (He's drinks it down and I drink mine, too.  It's really good.)

I may or may not have added a vanilla Ensure, which he insists he doesn't like.  The man needs some extra calories and vitamins.  He can't live on cinnamon buns alone.

I have no idea why he doesn't trust me.  Even though I am generally incredibly honest, he knows perfectly well I have no problem being deceitful if it's for his own good (or if it'll get a good laugh).   :-D