Monday, April 20, 2015

Fill 'Er Up!!!

Today's lab results showed platelets at 16, hemoglobin at 7.8, white blood cells at 1.6, and red blood cells at 2.46.  Low, low, low.  His heart rate is high, too -127.  His heart is picking up the pace in an attempt to get platelets.

Bag 1 of 3
They sent him over to the infusion room to get his "tank" filled.  He got 3 units of blood.  That's a lot!  Each unit of blood takes about 2 hours to infuse.  We didn't get home til around 11pm.  It's been a long night.  He also got a B-12 shot, so maybe that will help his fatigue as well.

Chantrese (sp?) was one of his nurses in the infusion room tonight.  Rudy was very taken with her.  At one point, he had bent over because his back was hurting a bit from sitting and she noticed and came over and touched the back of his head.  He said she had the most gentle touch - like a mother's touch and a wonderful smile.  I wish I'd gotten her photo.

His liver is still testing fine except for EST or something like that.  Whatever it is, it is probably elevated because of medications, not the hepatitis.

We still don't have our appointment time with the hematologist.  That doctor's scheduler should be contacting us soon.

That's the main news of the day.  Here are some extra tidbits -

These are two of Rudy's favorite nurses in Dr. Thompson's office.  They are both soooo friendly and they always make a fuss over Rudy.



Since it was such a long day, I took a break and went for a walk down by the pond.  It's really nice and there's so much to look at. The pond has a pretty fountain. All sorts of  plants are growing. I recognized some of them - daisies, iris, daylilies and more.  It will put on a show for months.  There's a gazebo with rockers and benches.  There are two swans. They stayed very busy preening.  There was also a heron.  It stayed very still.  I watched and watched and finally figured out that it's fake.  Ha.


Last, but not least, this is our cat, Cindy Lou.  She's decided she prefers to stay indoors.  Our dog Teddy annoys her when she goes outside.  She looks like she could use a bit more exercise, doesn't she?