Monday, April 27, 2015


Today, when the nurse asked Rudy how he was doing, he told her to just look at last week's chart and write "ditto".   The bloodwork shows the platelets are still horribly low - 13.  That's lower than last week.  The good news is, everything else having to do with the immune system seems to be trending back up.  The platelets are often the last to bounce back so maybe they'll look better next week.

Last Thursday was his worst day.  He felt bad and looked bad.  I was pretty concerned.  This weekend he improved, but he continued to run fevers.  They go up and down, mostly hovering between 99.5 and 100.5.  Terri said if it goes over 100.4 and stays there for more than an hour or so, to give them a call.  They would probably prescribe antibiotics or something like that.
His liver enzymes all look pretty good, so the hepatitis hasn't messed it up so far.

His sodium has been low, which may explain why Rudy has suddenly decided potato chips are the best thing ever.  He's never been one to eat chips very often, but now he's loving them.  I may have to make an emergency grocery store run tonight for chips and cinnamon rolls.  We can't run out of either of those.

I used to be able to hold my head up when checking out at the grocery store.  My cart was filled with healthy stuff.  These days my cart is filled with all sorts of junk. I might start shopping late at night and wearing a disguise.