Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Dog Bite

The dog bite is doing well. So many people have been worried and thinking I need to go have it looked at that I decided to post a closeup view so everyone would believe me when I say it's fine.

The bite had very little puncture to it, thankfully.  It's more of a scrap with a whole lot of bruising.  I think he chomped more than bit.  It's tender when touched, like a bad bruise, but most of the time I am able to forget about it.

This photo is after the area was cleaned up.  It started swelling and turning colors within minutes.  That was a bit unnerving. You can see the swelling from the angle in the above photo.

From this angle, you can see the bruising.

This was from yesterday.  The bruised area is getting really colorful.   The whole area is really puffy and swollen, too.

This photo was taken today.  It's still swollen, but not quite as much as yesterday. I'm able to clean the area without wincing.  I looked very very closely at all the marks and none look deep.

Rudy and I went for a walk a little while ago, while it was still good and sunny.  Both of us are walking fine.  I'm not limping and Rudy's not struggling.  We sat outside for ages, too.  It was soooo pleasant.  I think we may have a touch of spring fever.  We're so ready for warmer weather.  We seem to have had a lot of gloomy, overcast days this last month.

As for Teddy, he's being very good.  He's eating by himself and I've been feeding him a bunch more than normal.  I wonder how long it will take a month's worth of steroids to get out of his system.   For now, no matter how much I feed him, he eats it down like he may never get another meal again.