Monday, February 2, 2015

Platelets &^%$#@!

Rudy is low on platelets.  Too low.  Platelets.  What a dumb name.  It sounds like he doesn't have enough salad plates.  His "dinner party" was canceled.  No chemo again this week.  We'll try again next week.  He's going back over tomorrow to check his blood again.  I hope he has more of those little plates on the table!

Low platelets need to be watched carefully.  They have to do with the ability for blood to clot.  If he gets a cut, he could have trouble stopping the bleeding.  The other key items on his blood test don't look too bad.  They seem to be improving.

Prayers please!
Rudy needs more platelets!
The lab test was at 8:30, then Rudy went to the spa area.  He had chiro and massage appointments set up.  By the time Rudy had finished seeing the chiropractor, Brooke, from Dr. Thompson's office, had tracked us down and wanted to discuss the low platelets.  The lab work is done in another department.   They post the tests quickly.  I can pull them up online.  They are available to everyone on Rudy's medical team.  The team didn't waste any time looking them over even though he wasn't slated to meet with them until Thursday.  He may have unsatisfactory platelets, but he has a really great medical team.

Rudy is bummed.  He doesn't understand why his blood work is not better.  He has always been so tough and strong.  He has always been a fast healer.  He doesn't understand why he keeps having so much trouble with chemo.   He seemed very bummed earlier, but his state of mind has now been downgraded to somewhere between mildly bummed and stir crazy from watching so much TV over the last few months.

His spa treatments were nice, as always.

The chiropractor doesn't crack bones these days.   There a little gun-like thingie the doctor held against Rudy and fired a bunch of pops.  Rudy said it doesn't hurt.  His neck has been a key spot being worked on and his range of motion has improved significantly.

He had a massage, today, too.  He comes out of this room looking like a wet noodle after these.

Stephanie, his massage therapist is very pretty.  This photo doesn't do her justice.  She's also incredibly nice.  Best of all, she gives a great massage. She spends extra time working those kinked neck muscles, too.  You can't tell from this photo but the lights are dimmed.  There's soft music playing in the background.  I find it hard to believe that some patients don't bother signing up for these extras.  They just don't know what they're missing.

Last, but not least, this week Nancy passed along a gift from Rudy's Aunt Jane.  Actually, the gift is from her sweet church group.  They made a cozy lap quilt for him.

 Every time they tied one of the quilt knots, they said a prayer for Rudy.  We were both so touched by this.

I almost forgot this little extra -

 Our sweet babies can be so darned cute.  This is little George snuggling up to big Sadie.  They are so similar in nature and George likes to hang out with her.