Friday, February 6, 2015

Platelet Transfusion

We're at CTCA in the infusion room.   Rudy is getting blood and platelets.

 Since Rudy couldn't sleep last night and today's infusion may be long, they put him in one of the rooms with a bed.  He said it's pretty comfy.  His nurse, Diane, is really nice.

 He started having a nosebleed yesterday.  It started mild and then changed to a constant drip.  As of now it has stopped and he hasn't even gotten any platelets yet.

 Today's blood test showed that his white and red blood cells were already improving.  Platelets are usually the last to recover, but they will probably be up soon.

 A platelet transfusion doesn't last long.  Maybe even as little as 12 hours.  So the transfusion is just a little jumpstart maybe.  He'll be retested tomorrow to make sure his own platelets are climbing back up.  They're hoping to do chemo next Thursday.

Now he's asleep.  ❤️

8pm Update:
Still hanging out at ctca. It's been a very long day. Each bag has taken about 3 hours. My iPad doesn't have much power left.

Things just got lively around here. A patient completed her last chemo and they started ringing bells and singing and dancing. I swear, so many people dealing with cancer know how to make the most of life. That goes for the patients, the caretakers, and definitely the staff at ctca.