Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Overactive Imagination

Well, my mind is certainly heading down an interesting path.  It may take me straight to a padded room.  Now I'm seeing things.

Today, Luis and his brother, Joseph, came down and replaced some wood on our deck steps and porch rails.  A few of the steps were in really bad shape and I was particularly worried that someone might get hurt.  My sister-in-law, Nancy was also there helping me with some things in the house.

We had all stopped for lunch and were sitting around the table talking mostly about Rudy.  I was sitting opposite Luis.  We had been talking for some time, and Luis was saying some pretty wonderful things when all of a sudden, I caught sight of some items in the background around Luis's head.  I saw wings and a halo.

A few months back, our dogs started going nuts at the window trying to get in.  One of them kept jumping on the screen.  There was no time to shop or sew, so I decided to hang a a tablecloth hung over a shower curtain rod as a makeshift curtain to block the view. That solved the problem - no more dogs scratching at the window.   Above the curtain was a vintage life buoy - my idea of an interesting wreath.  

Behind Luis's head, the tablecloth seemed like angel wings and the life buoy became a halo.  I had Joseph and Nancy sit in my chair and look for themselves.  It was a bit freaky.  I took some photos, but it was better in person.

What I wonder - is Luis the angel or is there an angel watching over him from behind?  I don't know, but one thing is certain - Luis is a really great guy.