Thursday, May 7, 2015


Rudy left us very peacefully this morning.  He did it his way - with just me and his two sisters in the room and even more family in the waiting room.

A couple of days ago, he became insistent that someone had told him he could go home.   We thought he was confused, but now it's plain the home he was referring to was not the one on this earth.  

My heart is broken, but I am so thankful that he didn't die in pain.  I am thankful for the many friends and family who surrounded us during these last 6 months.  I am thankful that he was cared for by the angels on earth at CTCA.  I am thankful that Rudy had so many years of great health and happiness and that I was lucky enough to have his love for 36+ years.  

The thing about Rudy that I found the most attractive was his humor.  He was funny and loved to have a good time.  Even when he was making me so mad that steam was coming out of my ears, he managed to make me laugh.  I laughed with him every single day.  Even today, there were things to laugh about.  We all laughed as much as we cried.  

I plan to do my best to put the bad cancer days out of my mind and to focus on our best days and all the fun we had over the years.   I hope you will, too.  Rudy wouldn't want to be remembered as being sick.  That was such a small part of his life.

Plans - 
Rudy was never a traditional sort of guy and I'm not a traditional sort of girl.  A formal service would not suit us and it would be absolute torture for me.  Rudy especially enjoyed get-togethers.  We will be gathering for a casual get-together at our nieces home in Sugar Hill on May 16th.  I hope that will allow more time to visit with people and to talk about good times.  Not everything is firmed up, but I'll get more info out soon.

I know that many friends and family might not be able to make that, especially some who live on the south side.  If you can't make it, please don't feel bad.  I hope you will find some time during the next couple of months to get together with me personally.  That also goes for friends of Linda and/or Nancy.  

Meanwhile, give your loved ones some extra love tonight.  Life can change on a dime.