Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Rash and Medrol - Sick Again

Rudy has a rash on legs, arms, torso – This started Friday, Nov 28 or Saturday 29th.

By Monday, Dec 1st, the rash is getting worse.  Tried several creams, Benadryl, aloe vera, Eucerin, Aveeno bath...   Nothing is working. Other than rash, he’s feeling pretty good.  A little weak, but decent.

Tues, Dec 2 at 9:30 - 2 week appt with Anne (nurse at Dr Assikis).  She saw rash and prescribed steroids - Methylprednisolone Tablets (Medrol), 4mg dosepak.  He has a 5 day "dosepak" of the Medrol.   The first 2 days are 6 pills, the next 3 days are 3 pills each.  Also – OTC Pepcid AC and Claritin.  

Rudy took all of day 1 meds (as Anne instructed) starting around noon. Rudy felt good all day.  Was able to be a bit active all day – after dr appt, went to Target, Honey Baked ham.  Went home, took a nap, then went back out and picked up new car.  

Last night he could not sleep!   Had bad night sweats – 3 or 4 times.
This am he took the before breakfast dose and things went downhill pretty fast.  He's been throwing up all morning.  We've put the nausea ear patch back on and he's rubbed the nausea cream on his wrists.  He's trying to sip gatorade and forcing toast or crackers down.

Apparently nausea is a common side effect of Medrol.  So they give it to a man who is obviously prone to nausea?????  *&^%$#@!

I have contacted our "nurse navigator" at CTCA and they are trying to see if there's any way they can get him in sooner.  We're on standby.  There's a chance, they may even be able to see him tomorrow.

He felt sooooo good yesterday.  The rash was annoying, but he could deal with that.  Today, he said he feels about as bad as he did last week.

He was hoping to be riding around in his new car today.  :-(

TODAY - Wed, Dec 3

Woke up feeling pretty good, but very tired from restless night

Took the pre-breakfast dose of Medrol and it went downhill from there.  Episodes of vomiting – twice before 10:30am

10:20am - Put on Transderm ear patch and rubbed Prometh on wrists – both for nausea.

Vomited 2 more times before noon

4pm – tried to drink ginger ale.  Vomited again. He said he was tasting medicine.  We took the ear patch back off in case he was reacting to that.

5:30 – started coughing and vomited again

Took a shower and felt relief.  Got out and started feeling bad again.  Waiting a few minutes then got back in the shower.

Night sweats