Monday, December 8, 2014

CTCA Day 3 The Plan

Our party card was full today!  Rudy, Linda, Nancy and I arrived before breakfast and got home just in time for supper.  We are sooooo tired.

We got so much information today that my head is spinning.

We started off in Pastoral Care.  The pastor was very, very nice.  We met with a couple of other medical folks who got more history and explained more of what was coming up.

Dr. Patricia Thompson

The meetings we had been most anticipating were in the afternoon.  We met the head of our team - Oncologist and Lung Specialist, Patricia Thompson.  We are in very capable hands.  She went over all sorts of things.

We'll do one more round of chemo similar to round 1, with a few adjustments to lessen the chance of nausea.  A number of other things will be done proactively to avoid nausea.  Hopefully, Round 2 won't leave Rudy sick as a dog for days.  AND, if there is a problem, CTCA is available to help 24/7.  Rudy can go over in the middle of the night if he needs to.  I sure hope that won't be necessary.  After round 2, she wants to rescan him to make sure this protocol is working.

Round 2 will most likely be on Thursday *IF* his white blood cell count has improved.  They are a bit low - probably from the number of days he was sick after Round 1.

There will be more things done in the next week.  He'll have a port put in.  He's getting another biopsy.  The first biopsy wasn't quite specific enough.  This time, they're going down his throat to get to the tumor.

Today, we were shown all of the recent blood test results and everything was explained in detail.  Then, 3 different doctors came up with plans to fix anything that was too high or too low.  Lots of the suggestions came from the naturopath and the nutritionist.  Rudy has some natural supplements to take and foods that will boost him back to better health.

Everyone we met with gave us typed summaries of all recommendations and things we discussed.  When a doctor meets with you at CTCA, they are usually accompanied by an assistant who is taking notes.  The notes are then printed out and you get a copy.  It's a good thing, because each doctor spends lots of time with you - usually 45 minutes to an hour.

There's more, but I'm just too tired to think.  Hopefully, I hit all the highlights in this post.  It was a very good day.   :-D