Friday, November 28, 2014

Update - Nov 28

Still having diarrhea this morning.

He's so weak.  Took a shower, stayed mostly on shower seat. Said he wondered if he was going to be able to get up to dry himself off.

Appointment with Dr. Assikis   – 

Dr Assikis is astounded  that Rudy doesn't need pain meds after just one week. He said he wasn't hoping for that til week three or maybe two at best.

Dr. Assikis said Rudy is very sensitive to chemo - no surprise - and the next will be less strong. He'd rather see slower results with less upset to Rudy.

He had suggestions for getting his system back to normal.  The main issue right now is diarrhea.  He'll avoid dairy including ensure and no sweets. He'll eat breads rice and meat to bulk up.  His weight is now 178.  Ugh!

He said Rudy was doing great with drinking.  Since the diarrhea is still going on he wanted Rudy to go ahead and get more fluids todayRudy is super weak today.  That's another reason dr A wanted to do fluids.

He'll be off pretty much all meds except on an as needed basis. One thing he wants him to stay on is the ear patch which is kind of like Dramamine.

Results came  back on the Cancer cells. There are no activating mutations. If there had been we could have attacked Cancer with pills rather than chemo.

He had 2 ham sandwiches today (lunch and dinner) and said they were the best he’d ever had.