Monday, November 24, 2014

Fluids Day 1

Rudy slept for a while overnight, but as soon as he got up around 4am, he felt nauseous. He took a nausea pill and soon after had a horrible bout of vomiting. We're going to get fluids this morning. I'm hoping they will give him anti-nausea stuff thru the IV as well. He feels terrible.

4:45am - He's still getting sick and now having diarrhea as well. He feels terrible.  Said he feels like he’s running a fever but doesn't want a thermometer in his mouth

7am - I called the on-call service again. I asked if we could just be at the office when they opened at 8. She said no - we have to call at 8 and make an appointment. ^%$#@!  Hopefully, they'll see him fast. I'm ready to go.

I thought about just taking him to emergency, but that process would likely take ages. In the end it may be faster and more efficient to call the office.

We really feel left to fend for ourselves. My advice to anyone having chemo for the first time - do it towards the beginning of the week so if trouble hits, you'll be able to get help from the office without waiting over a weekend.

The on-call PA was nice this morning. I don't want to make her out to be cold and heartless. She said they would likely make a number of adjustments in chemo 2 and that chemo side effects should not be this bad.

7:30am – try another Zofran – it dissolves in mouth – easier to do than swallowing a pill with water, which would likely bring on another attack of vomiting

After 8 - Went to Dr’s office this am.  Had IV fluids and Phenergen and Attavan thru IV.  He vomited again around noon while getting fluids.

Came home with 2 new Rx for nausea – Prometh/PLO wrist gel and Transderm-Scop ear patch.

He's a tiny bit better after the fluids. I think his color is better, but he still says he feels awful and he's weak as can be. He got fluids, nausea meds thru IV and now has two additional nausea meds that are not oral. One is a patch. The other a cream. We started those around 1pm. They said each of the drugs approaches nausea from a different angle. Hopefully, we have all the angles covered now.

Went 9+ hours without getting sick but sometime in the evening vomiting  started again

ALSO - if anyone needs to talk to me over the next few days, text, message or email me and I WILL CALL YOU soon. I'd like to limit incoming phone calls if possible to give Rudy a chance to rest undisturbed. He's exhausted.