Thursday, November 27, 2014


Rudy had some diarrhea this morning but no vomiting all day.  Yeah!

Miracles never cease. Rudy slept a lot this morning and then we made a very quick visit to his sister's house where lots were gathered for Thanksgiving.

We didn't stay long, but it sure  meant alot for Rudy to be able to see his family.  He was weak and tired and didn't have the energy to join much in conversation.  People who hadn't seen him in awhile were probably worried by his appearance.  Those of us who had seen him over the last few days (Nancy, Linda and I) thought he looked so much better.

Rudy came home with a sampling of favorite family dishes. His tastes have changed thanks to chemo, but hopefully, he'll find some things that still taste right. He's only trying a little at a time. Linda's stuffing was the first thing he tried and so far it's his favorite.  The fruit mix still tastes good, too.

It's a good thing we didn't stay long. He crashed as soon as we got home. He's still too weak to do much.