Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fluids day 2

Just after midnight another bout of vomiting.

It was time for a Zofran, but he said he didn't want to take it anymore because it made him sick

5am another bout of vomiting.  At what point does he get put in the hospital?

6:45am another bout of vomiting

Spent day in infusion room again,  More saline – 1 ½ bags.   Steroid.  Pepcid AC thru IV and two bags of Ativan, which made him talk absolute nonsense.  He thought he was installing glass in the infusion room.

He came home and slept and talked gibberish for a while.  Then he at a tiny bit of jello.  He vomited shortly after – around 6:30.  He sipped water a little while later then vomited again.

Today, some wondered if the vomiting was being caused by the Fentanyl 50mcg.  No one ever really did more than wonder because he put the patch on Friday around 1 and didn’t begin vomiting til early Sunday morning.  

I looked up Fentanyl and vomiting  this evening and from what I read, it’s a distinct possibility that’s what’s causing the major vomiting.  I called the after-hours number and Dr Menninberger said it would be fine to remove the patch and we’d soon know if that’s what was causing the vomiting.  I also wonder – the patch really took care of the pain, but was the 50 too strong to start off with?

Removed patch at 11pm

Vomited 11:20.  It'll take 12 or so hours for the Fentanyl to get out of his system.