Saturday, September 26, 2015

Treadaway Reunion

I made it through the first family reunion without Rudy today.  This reunion was for my dad's side of the family.  My grandmother, who I always called by her name, Ruth, adored these reunions.  Ruth had lots of brothers and sisters.  They loved the reunions, too, but they are all gone now.  I have wonderful memories of reunions when they were all alive.  They were all smart and lively and fun to be around.  Rudy loved those reunions, too.  He especially loved being around Ruth and her sister, Mary.  Rudy would tease them and flirt and they would become positively giddy around him.    Ruth's brothers were wonderful, too.  Rudy and I loved hearing the great stories of things they did long ago.

Sisters - Ruth, Verna, and Mary
Aren't the flapper shoes great?

Being at this reunion without Rudy was sad, but I was braced for it.  I knew he would be remembered.  I knew people would offer condolences.  Being braced helps tremendously.  It's the unexpected things that are hardest.

I enjoyed seeing the people who were there, but, I really missed the many who were not.  I don't know how heaven works, but if loved ones do get to hang around occasionally and see things that are happening here, I'll bet it was really crowded at the reunion today.  Ruth's brother Grady was probably the proudest one of all.  His great granddaughter just received her doctorate in Forensic Toxicology.   Her degrees came from GA Tech and UGA.  I'm proud to say, I share some of her genes.  :-D

My wonderful grandparents - Joe and Ruth