Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tractor Donation to 180 Degree Farm

This week the tractor went to a new home and I feel really great about it.  It now belongs to 180 Degree Farm - a non-profit organic farm that helps those fighting cancer and other illnesses.  I met them when they were at CTCA donating food to cancer fighters.

The original tractor owner was Chick Johnson.  People who grew up in East Point and particularly those who went to Headland High School, may have known the Johnsons.  Chick and Faye were the parents.  They had 4 kids - Mike (who graduated with Rudy), Beverly (aka Sister), Wanda Kaye, and Carrie.  Rudy loved them all.  When Chick knew he was dying from cancer, he passed the tractor along to Rudy.  So you see, both of the tractor's previous owners died from the stupid disease that 180 Degree Farm is helping to fight.  They donate lots of clean, organic food to cancer fighters AND they also sell to the public at large to help support the donations.  When you buy their food, you help others.

180 Farm got not only the tractor, but also the metal trailer, and a bunch of tractor parts.  We worked out a deal that was mostly donation, but also a bit of bartering and one out-and-out sale.  This was another thing that wasn't at all about the money.  Scott and Nicole Tyson, who own the farm, have been incredibly nice to work with.  They are such good people.  I think it must be really wonderful to live your life in such a way that you know you are making a difference in so many people's lives.  Their motto, by the way, is GROW-GIVE-TEACH.

The tractor, trailer, and attachments were meant to go to them.  It's another example of things happening for a reason.  The farm was in need of these things.  In serious need, actually.  Scott had no idea how he'd get them.  He had intervention from above, exactly when he needed it.  I'll bet Rudy and Chick are loving it.

On the barter end of the deal, I am getting some wonderful, healthy food each week. I am now a 180 Degree Farm CSA member!  Here's what I picked up this week -

I want to make it clear. These photos were not taken by the farm.  The vegetables were not specially selected just for me to photograph.  Nicole randomly picked up bags she had on hand for CSA members. She had no idea that I'd be taking photos of them. The vegetables in this collage are photos of exactly what I picked up at the farm this week.  I unpacked each bag and snapped photos of the veggies on my cutting board.  Aren't they beautiful?   I love the variety, too.  Organic selections in grocery stores are fairly limited.  They don't branch out too much. A variety of foods = a variety of nutrients.  Just look at those tomatoes.  It's obvious there are 4 different types.  At the grocery store, the organic section wouldn't have all those and the ones they had probably wouldn't be that pretty or that fresh.  Buy organic.  Buy local.  Buy variety.  I'm covered!

They sell to the public on Saturdays from 9:30 to 1.
If anyone would like to ride over with me any Saturday, just let me know!  


Be sure to read this one -
The farm started because their son, Mason, got cancer. 
They turned the story around with the help of good food.
Their are 5 short pages to the story.  Make sure you read them all!

Here are some photos from "Tractor Moving Day" -

This area looks so much more tidy without the trailer and tractor parts.

Now I have plenty of room by the barn to park the truck when storms are coming.

 Clyne's wagon is the only big thing under there.  Daddy said if I'd sell that, it would give me more room.  I laughed.  What do I need room for?  I'm not getting more things.  I want to have less.  I'm simplifying.

The wagon is one thing I'm not in a rush about.  I'm not sure why.  I just love it. If someone in the family wanted to buy Clyne's wagon and I knew they'd keep it and take care of it, I'd sell it to them.  I'm not willing to sell it outside the family.  For right now, I've got plenty of room.  

PS - If you go to 180 Degree Farm after reading this post, please tell them Denise sent you!  I get absolutely nothing from it.  Somehow it helps me to know that Rudy and Chick are continuing to help others. They both were always known to be very generous. Good deeds have a ripple effect.