Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pain and Nausea at Bay

The last few days have been crazy, but all the crises are under control (for now).  Rudy dealt with unrelenting vomiting and nausea.  He dealt with swallowing being a challenge - it felt like everything was sticking in his throat.  Pills were the worst.  Finally, he dealt with pain that became so unbearable he was unable to function.

Humor gets me through!  I've been chanting the real serenity prayer for days.  I came across this one this morning.  It gave me a good chuckle. 

I *think* we're fine now.  I slept and am able to think and function again.  Rudy is currently not nauseous or in pain.    He has better, longer acting meds for both issues and right now they are working like a charm.  His esophagus issue seems to be getting better.  He has an appointment scheduled to get that checked just in case.  If there is a problem, there are things they can do.

The pain meds are some that are fairly addictive, but it's hoped that he won't need them long - maybe a week at most????  Possibly less.   We hope the chemo (HE DID HAVE CHEMO YESTERDAY!!! :-D ) and targeted radiation will knock the tumor down fast and get it off that nerve.  From what I've seen so far, the pain meds don't seem to make him too loopy.  He seems like himself, just maybe a tad more cheerful.  The cheerful might be more of a result of the lack of pain and nausea.  That's certainly reason enough!  I hope the cheerful effect lasts a long time.

This was me yesterday. 

We'll meet with pain management again next week.  They may even be able to  go in and deaden the nerve to the annoying tumor so that even if it does expand again, it won't make him so miserable.

Yesterday, Terri talked a little more about the immunotherapy.   Rudy will have another scan in 3 weeks to see how he's responding to the current chemo - the Carboplatin-Gemzar regimen.  If it's not a big success, then we'll look at switching to immunotherapy.  That treatment is in the last phases of trial and it's been amazingly successful on many types of cancer.  Rudy's type of cancer is one it's particularly good with.

Maybe immunotherapy will replace chemo one day.

Rudy doesn't seem to be cut out for chemo, so we're really hoping he's being led to immunotherapy for a reason.  We'd love to be one of their success stories!