Monday, March 2, 2015

Birthday Rollercoaster

Apparently, Advil on an empty stomach leads to major trouble for Rudy.  He dealt with unceasing nausea from 2am to around 9am.  At CTCA, they gave him an IV mix that dealt with pain, nausea and fluid loss and now he is almost back to normal.  He's a little nervous about eating yet, but hopefully, he'll be back on track as the day goes on.  His sister, Nancy, baked him a chocolate cake with her famous homemade icing.  Surely he'll be able to sample that sometime later today.  It's one of his favorites.

We're home now and both of us are wiped out.  We'll be turning off the phones and chillin' out for a while.

GOOD NEWS - they did his lab work while at CTCA today and he's on for chemo!!!!  I had the word definitely in that sentence, then took it out.  It seemed like pushing our luck.  We've learned that things can change fast.  One minute we're up.  The next we're down.  I never did care for roller coasters.  There's a movie I see listed often, called The Magic of Ordinary Days.  That title grabbed my attention and I can't hardly stop thinking about it.  We really miss ordinary days.  I know I'm rambling, but I'm so tired that I'm not even going to go back and edit.

CTCA took great care of us, as usual.  Tiffany was our nurse today.  This is our third time with her and she feels like family.  We also had a physicians assistant named Brandy, who was fabulous.  We're becoming close to so many people there.  Daniel, one of the valets, is a real sweetheart.  He took care of us today, too.  Brooke, from Dr. Thompson's office, spotted us near the cafeteria and bolted over to check on how Rudy was doing.  She let us know what all they were doing from Dr. Thompson's office.  Everyone coordinates so well from department to department.  We know full well how rare this is.

My point is, our path is not smooth.  Our journey is not easy.   But having so many wonderful people giving us such love and support along the way makes it bearable.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some details, but it's all I can write for now.  Rudy is already asleep.

Everyone - thank you for your prayers and love!  Hopefully, the rest of his birthday will be nice.