Thursday, January 8, 2015

Meeting Paige... No Coincidence

I took our business tax files over to the accountants today and had a meant-to-be encounter.  I met Paige.  Her name will be easy for me to remember because, as it turns out, we are on the same "page" in life.


We had actually met briefly before, but had not talked enough to have connected.  This time, there was a definite connection.  We have so much in common.  She is working at the accountant's office now.  I worked there for a year or so after I retired from teaching.

Paige's husband, Joe, has cancer (throat and mouth) and he's at CTCA.  They started out with a group in Macon, where things did not go well (understatement).  They are much happier now.  That's no surprise.  All of the CTCA patients I've spoken to so far have been very grateful to be there.

Joe and Rudy are close to the same age and both of them are about to officially retire and get on social security.

Joe's CTCA oncologist is Dr. Thompson, same as Rudy's.  Paige's daughter-in-law is Stephanie, Rudy's main contact person at CTCA.  I never can remember her title, but she is just under Dr. Thompson.  A physician's assistant, I think, but they call it something else at CTCA..

Paige's mother had stage 4 breast cancer a few years ago, but is doing just fine now with no sign of cancer.  Does that sound familiar? It gets better.  Paige's mom's doctor was Dr. Bender, the same as Trish.  I wonder if we were both there at the same time for any of those treatments.

Paige and Joe have a lot of challenges.  They were living in Macon, but have moved in with her mom to be closer to CTCA.  Joe can't eat by mouth right now.  He has a feeding tube.  That will not always be the case.  Reconstructive surgery is planned for the future. Right now, Joe is having chemo treatments weekly.   Please add Paige and Joe to your prayers!

I'm not sure why Paige and I met.  I don't know if she'll help me or I'll help her or both, but I have a feeling we met for a reason.