Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Aloe Vera from Luis

Look what Luis and his family sent over for Rudy!

They are aloe vera leaves - the really big ones. I had been using one whole leaf at a time from my much smaller aloe plants (you can see one of my small plants in the photo below. I add the gel to our smoothies.

Luis said his grandmother often had him drink the gel when he was young. She's a big believer in using natural healing methods. (Me, too!)

There are all sorts of videos on YouTube showing easy ways to peel the leaves and extract the gel. Getting the gel out of the big leaves was much easier than with the small ones and one leaf has enough gel for quite a few smoothies.

We've used 4 sections already. It didn't change the taste at all, but it certainly improved the nutritional value of our smoothies!

THANKS LUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!