I need to find a GOOD HOME for my smallest dog, George.  PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE with anyone you think might be interested in adopting George.

You should see how cute he can be!  When I come home (or when visitors come) he picks up a pinecone and delivers it as a gift.  He's so happy to see you and wags his tail so hard that his whole body wiggles.  It wiggles so much it's hard for him to walk.  In the house, he likes to be petted and maybe be given an extra treat if you have one handy.  He'll lay his head gently on your knee and look up at you with an expression that will melt your heart.  

He works hard for treats.  He knows to sit at attention and look sweet and wait for you to give him something.  He takes the treat very gently.  He also sits nicely to wait for me to put his food bowl down.  In other words, he has a good start on training.

His shots are completely up-to-date.  He won't need more til September, 2018!

So why do I need to give him up?

In August of 2014 my husband found George and his brother Teddy abandoned on the side of the road. We tried half heartedly to find a home for them, but fell in love with them.  If you’re an animal lover, you know how that goes.  In October 2014, my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  He died 6 months later.

I have been left with 6 dogs.  My husband was always the pack leader and while he was in charge, all the dogs were well behaved.  I’m having trouble stepping into the alpha role while dealing with everything else.  George hasn't been playing well with the other dogs. He's fine around people, but has become a bit aggressive towards a few of my other dogs. It seems to be mostly jealousy centered - guarding his food and wanting my full attention.  There have also been a few issues with him playing too rough with the other dogs. I'm worried one of the dogs will get hurt.

 Dogs can be trained to overcome these issues and much of the training is about the owner.  If I only had one of two dogs, I feel confident I could handle it.  Training 6 dogs at once seems to be more than I can do.  Even so, I've still been working on it while I wait for George to be adopted.

Please give George a chance!  I know he has potential, but I don't think the situation he's in now is the best one for him.

George and Sadie - taken last year soon after we got George

TWO DOG OPTION: If someone preferred to have two dogs who would be good companions, they could have George AND Sadie. I am in no way trying to get rid of Sadie. She's sweet as can be and no trouble at all. The only reason I'd consider it is because she and George can be together with no problems. George attached to her quickly as if she were his mother. Sadie is full black lab with papers (not sure what I did with those).  She's one of the few non-rescues we've had. A friend of a friend had a litter of labs and was trying to give them away to people who'd give them a good home.  Sadie is 4 years old and weighs close to 80 lbs.  She's a big one!  She had a knee operation a couple of years ago after a yard mishap, but has recovered well.  She, too, loves long walks.

LOCATION: Senoia, GA (Coweta County)

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